Beauty Services

The Aglow beauty team has over 10 years of experience creating and perfecting stage winning looks.  When you book your tanning,
hair and makeup with Aglow you can get all your needs in one place, we do it all!  No need to drive all over town trying to get to appointment to appointment.  NO stress!  Aglow is the exclusive full service provider on site.

Let the Aglow team pamper YOU on your stage day.  With each makeup service you will receive a pair of luxurious HIGH QUALITY stage appropriate lashes which can be reused up to 10x with proper care, a lipstick touchup sample and blotting paper. Also, light touchups will be available on site at sponsored events.

Everything AFTER 1pm Saturday will be AT THE VENUE.

The importance of proper tanning, hair, and makeup on the stage:

In addition to the physique you’ve brought to the competition, tanning and glam are a huge portion of the judges score (sometimes up to 50%).  You don’t want the hard work and dedication that you have put into competing to be lost by skimping on those critical stage presence elements.