Will my tan appear ‘orange’ or ‘dirty’?

Not at all, we would not have any repeat business if that were true.  Our highly trained staff is required to learn ‘feathering’ and create the most natural looking tan.  Click here for competition prep instructions.

How much time should I allow for my tanning session?

Your session takes anywhere from 6-10 minutes.  If you have an Aglow Spray Tech come to your home, please plan on about 20-30 at most from when they arrive at your door until they leave.

I’ve never had a spray tan, what is the procedure/what can I expect (in the condensed version)?

  • Your tan can be performed either in the garage, outside in a private area, or an area in your home (minimum space needed is roughly 6’x8′).  Your Spray Tech will have a popup tent for privacy.
  • Shower, shave and exfoliate before your session.  It is highly recommended to use an exfoliating towel to prep for your tan.  Most of our clients use this in the shower every day (but NOT for at least 7 days post tanning session).
  • Do not apply anything to the skin (ie. deodorant, lotion, makeup, etc.) prior to your tanning session.
  • Wear a loose fitted T-shirt and loose cotton pants to your session and to wear after (any tighter clothing may create tan lines).  No shorts, leggings, robes, tank tops or dresses.
  • You must leave the solution on for at least 8 hours to ensure maximum ‘darkness’ (the longer you leave it on, the richer the color).  DO NOT come into contact with water during that time.  After the 8 hours, it is ok to shower.  Keep in mind that the bronzer will rinse off leaving behind your Aglow Tan.  Be sure to use soap in the shower – if you do not, streaking could occur.

How much do I tip my Aglow Spray Tech?

Gratuity is up to the discretion of the client. We strive to always provide premium services!  Typical gratuity is 15-25% of your service amount.

Could I be allergic to the tan?

It is a possibility, however, rare.  Please be advised that in rare cases, clients may have adverse reaction/allergies to the product.  If reactions occur, please consult a physician.

How do I take care of my tan following the first shower after my tanning session?

  • Moisturize several times a day and especially when you feel dry!
  • Don’t use anything scrubby in the shower.
  • Keep in mind that sweating and swimming will fade your tan faster.

How long will my tan last?

7-10 days, depending on how well it’s cared for.  Applying moisturizer  at least twice a day will properly extend the life of your tan.  Do not use lotion containing mineral oil or alcohol.  Hot tubs, swimming, and sweating will fade the tan.

Why not just get a UV tan?

You age your skin up to 4 times as quickly with UV tanning!  Our skin naturally exfoliates every 28-30 days without UV tanning – that number rapidly drops to 5-10 days when UV tanning!  Our sunless tanning solution is 97% organic and has not shown to cause any damage to the skin.